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<h2><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>About Us</strong></span></h2>
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<div id="CJT_about" class="CJT_content">Pressbeau Ltd is a family run nursing care Company set up in 1984 by Dr &amp; Mrs Saraogi with the sole aim to provide high quality care to the elderly - a vision that is now carried forward by his son. Being a family business, we treat all our staff as members of this family, creating an enjoyable and fun environment for our residents and staff. Pressbeau strongly believe in doing everything we can to ensure we are providing high quality care. Our Homes have gained a very high rating on carehomes.co.uk, and we are proud of the work our staff does to ensure our residents are comfortable and happy.</div>

Registered Nurse / RGN / RN / £16+ - Pressbeau Ltd

Shefford, HC SG17 5LL