<p>Better Placed introduces great candidates to great businesses, something we have been doing for 15 years now. A lot has changed in that time but the fundamentals of what we do remain the same&hellip;meeting people, understanding what makes them tick and building our network. So, although we love digital and what social media has done for our industry, we still like to go beyond the superficial and meet people face to face in the real world.<br /><br />This approach has helped us build one of the best networks in the industry, a network that&rsquo;s real. Welcome to The real network.<br /><br />We know taking the next step in your career is a big decision and it goes without saying your next move needs to be the right one, but we have been working with candidates for over 15 years to help them do exactly that. We&rsquo;re here to listen and help make the move as smooth as possible and we are experts at understanding what will be right and constitute the development in your career you are looking for.<br /><br />If you would initially like a confidential conversation to discuss how we could potentially help and support you in making your next move, please either drop us a note at&nbsp;<a href="mailto:info@betterplaced.com">info@betterplaced.com</a>&nbsp; or alternatively call us to discuss.</p>

Digital Product Manager - Change Specialist - Better Placed Recruitment

London, London